• Merging My WU numbers 
      • Checking if redeemed points are applied
      • Understanding error C6007

Merging My WU numbers

If you have multiple My WU numbers, you can merge them into one. When My WU numbers merged, your unified My WU number will be assigned automatically. 
To merge your My WU numbers on wu.com or mobile app
  1. Log in to your Western Union profile.
  2. Tap the Menu icon on the top of the screen and select My WU Rewards from the dropdown.
  3. Under Redeem points, choose Have another My WU card? Let's merge it.
  4. Enter the additional My WU number and select Merge.

Merging can be also done by contacting Western Union Customer Care.

​After merging, please continue to use the online My WU number. It may take up to 48 hours for the merge to be finalized and reflect the new total points balance.
Note: You can use My WU points for up to 1 year from the date they were issued. After 1 year, your collected points will no longer be redeemable.

Checking if redeemed points are applied

While redeeming your points, you should see a message saying that the “Promo was applied to the transfer” at the top of the screen. You will also see the message on the Send money page when you start your new transfer. 
On the amount calculated in the summary at the right side of the Send Money page, the My WU discount amount will be visible as “Promo.”

Understanding error C6007

This error occurs when we are not able to find your My WU number or Gold Card in our records. To fix this, please check your My WU or Gold Card number carefully and make sure you’re entering the correct number.