The wire transfer payment lets you pay for an international money transfer using your bank account. You will be able to begin your money transfer on or the WU mobile app and pay for it via electronic bank transfer once you get the money transfer control number (MTCN). Depending on your bank, you can choose to pay for a money transfer online, in person by visiting your bank or, over the phone by calling your bank directly. You will get the steps to pay for the money transfer via email. Also see  How do I pay formy wire transfer? for more details.
Once we have received your payment, you will be notified via email when your transfer will be available for pick up.
When paying with a wire transfer:
  • Your bank may charge you an additional fee (check with your bank).
  • Make sure the name on your bank account matches the name on your Western Union profile.
  • We don't accept payments for wire transfers using cash, bank checks or business accounts. Your money transfer will be cancelled if you use one of those payment methods. 
  • Keep in mind that there could be delays in refunding your money if your identity is not confirmed.
  • Make sure you pay the total amount indicated in the email, or your transfer will be cancelled.
  • If the transfer is cancelled for not meeting the requirements, an electronic refund will be issued. Your bank may charge you an additional fee for a refund.