If you select the wire transfer payment option, you will receive specific payment instructions on your email along with your money transfer control number (MTCN). Depending on your bank, you may be able to choose one of the following payment options to pay for your wire transfer:  
  • Online: Log in to your bank’s website 
  • In person: Visit your bank branch
  • By phone: Call your bank directly
Western Union can only accept payments from personal bank accounts. We will not accept payments for wire transfers using cash, bank checks or business accounts. Your money transfer will be cancelled if you use one of those payment methods. Keep in mind that there could be delays in refunding your money if your identity is not confirmed.
Please carefully follow the instructions in the email we sent you, so you can fill out the bank form. The terms used by your bank may be slightly different than what you see in the instructions email. Please see the information below if you need clarification:

Term used in Western Union instructions e-mail | Term that your bank might use
Transfer Amount* | Amount
*Enter the exact amount on your instructions e-mail. If you pay less than the total amount indicated in the email, your transfer will be cancelled
Name of Recipient* | Beneficiary name, Recipient name, Business name
*The recipient is Western Union
WU bank name* | Bank name, Final receiving bank name
*See your WU instructions e-mail for specific details
WU bank account number |Account number, Recipient account number, IBAN, Receiving bank account number 
WU routing number | ABA, Bank routing number (US ABA/SWIFT), Routing number, International Routing number (IRC)
WU address |Address, City, State, Zip code, Country, Territory
Mandatory Information* |Special instructions, Message to recipient, Notes, Description, Additional wire instructions
*You must include the transfer reference number (EBxxxxxxx) and the receiver’s name as it is listed on your WU instructions e-mail
WU e-mail* | no-reply-email@wu.com
*Add if required by your bank

Note: You might also be required to agree to your bank’s Terms and Conditions. Some banks may require you to pass an identity verification process. Your bank may also charge you an additional fee for the wire transfer. Check with your bank for specific details.